ELOGISTICS ————  17 June 2019

Sitma and developments in e-Logistics

Sitma and developments in e-Logistics - Photo 2

Business unit E-logistic Sitma

nowadays, we hear people talking more and more about e-Logistics: let us see exactly what it means. It is two different, but very closely connected things: logistics, an administrative technique for moving properties, and everything to do with on-line sales, which we refer to as e-commerce.


Our business unit at Sitma deals with e-Logistics for a new market, broad, diversified, and expanding very strongly. The methods used by modern consumers to purchase goods is causing great impact on the consolidated balance of markets. On-line sales, whether electronics or books, via wide consumption items such as clothes and cosmetics, provide great opportunities for the supply sector.

Goods deliveries are growing at somewhere between 15 and 20% per year at a global level, trend that involves mainly small sizes packages with shapes difficult to manage. There are many different players on this stage, from postal services to couriers, from holding warehouses to on-line stores (e-tailers). Everything requires increasingly innovative and interconnected solutions for the proper management (e-fulfilment) of orders, from purchase to final delivery. Identifying, tracking, packaging, and delivering goods in an automatic and controlled way requires avant-garde technology, and these developments are becoming faster and faster and need to integrate properly with automation and data transfer systems.


A portfolio of complete solutions – including all the technology for sorting and wrapping – and ongoing software development are what Sitma can supply for the latest market needs. We have been ready for this for a long time.

It is all new experience and new market niches, compared with our traditional sectors. But never forget that our winning card in this growth process has always been our special Company approach. With more than 50 years’ experience and the unbridled trust our customers show us, our greatest soft skill at Sitma is listening to our customers and always being able to solve their problems as passionate and flexible experts.

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