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The choice of the packaging material for a product is a key part of the packaging design strategy.

Consumers are increasingly attentive not only to the products they buy, but also to the type of material used for their packaging; from physical stores to ecommerce, the packaging along the entire distribution chain increasingly influences choices.

Reduced environmental impact, ease of disposal and recycling are just some of the drivers that have pushed Sitma to collaborate with some of the main paper producers in the world, such as UPM and MONDI, to develop and implement ad hoc solutions able to fully respond to these needs. Again, protection, communication, ease of opening and reuse are the other characteristics that a ecommerce packaging material should allow.

For years, paper has no longer been a challenge for Sitma machines, a pioneer of these applications. However, the increase in consumers’ attention to the issue of sustainability has prompted paper mills all over the world to seek out new types of paper with characteristics that are more suited to the world of packaging than the tradition of graphic arts


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    Sitma has always been oriented towards developing innovative and cutting-edge technologies for waste reduction and optimization of consumption.
    With solid know-how in the field of automation for the creation of in-line packaging, Sitma has understood the need to take an additional step, joining forces with the other players in the supply chain to propose truly innovative solutions to cutting-edge brands, distributors and producers.

    “According to Mintel, consumers are placing the responsibility for recycling on the shoulders of brands.

    • 64% of food and beverage consumers in the United States say food and beverage manufacturers should be responsible for eco-friendly choices.
    • 55% of Brazilian consumers agree that brands and companies should be more proactive in offering sustainable solutions (i.e. Recycling programs).
    • 45% of Swedish consumers say that food and drink brands should use more recycled material when it comes to packaging.”
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    Our goal is to propose the right solution to guarantee production efficiency, reduced economic and environmental impact, and maintenance of the package characteristics where necessary for a linear logistic process.
    Not all products need to be fully wrapped, and not all products need to be wrapped in paper.
    Plastic film, when used responsibly and made from recyclable sources or from biological polymers, and disposed of correctly, can still represent the ideal solution.

    Therein lies our strength: offering versatile solutions that allow our interlocutor to choose the type of material that best suits his product, his philosophy.

    Materials such as pluriball, bio film and compostable film, padded paper, laminated paper, thermo-sealable paper and water-repellent paper are all researched and tested on our machines to guarantee their usability.



    Each customer has their own needs, preferences and challenges to face, and we are ready with our team of technicians and partners to grasp and satisfy them.

    Your customer journey for creating your Package Design with Sitma:

    1. Analysis of the product to be packaged, at 360 degrees: types, dimensions, destinations and productivity
    2. Alignment with the customer vision and with the product’s communication and marketing strategy
    3. Technical evaluation of the possible usable automation technologies and material hypothesis
    4. Involvement of one or more partners, suppliers of raw materials
    5. machine test, with actual products and materials to validate the package design

    Whatever your product, from fashion and footwear, personal care to books, from media to consumer electronics, from newspapers to advertising flyers, all the way up to frozen pizzas. together we will study the most responsible solution and consciously choose, together, the most suitable material.

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