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Online packaging is more fashionable than ever

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The fashion sector is increasingly linked to the world of e-commerce. A marriage that brings with its new technological challenges and needs. Let us see how packaging and logistics can provide answers for the world of Fashion.

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———— From zero to hero: the surge in online sales

Just ten years ago, the idea of ordering shoes and clothes online might have seemed far fetched. Today, however, the Fashion sector is one of the most important segments of the e-commerce market, with an estimated value of over 752 billion dollars (in 2021) and with prospects of double-digit growth. In fact, it is expected that by 2025 the sector will reach a value of 1,100 billion.
But what are the challenges faced by retailers and brand owners who have to ship clothing sold online?

———— Packaging as a vehicle for the brand

For clothing companies, the experience linked to the point of contact with their products is an important element of the sales strategy which can be used to convey the values of the brand. For physical stores this means a pleasant environment, attractive furnishings and friendly shop assistants, among other things; but for online stores it boils down to two things: the packaging must say something, and it must work well.

———— A key word: choice

Communicating through the medium of packaging means customisation Customisation is about choosing the right material and guaranteeing quality of the packaging, but also about printing in-house or by a third party, ease of opening, and simple procedures for returning products. All this is made possible with automatic packaging machines, which must be fast as well as able to create packaging tailored to the needs of retailers.

———— The return option: friend or foe?

When you purchase an item of clothing online, whether for yourself or for another person, there is often the risk that the size is wrong, the colour is not to one’s liking, or the fit is not as one had hoped. Have you ever wondered what your customers go through when they think “I have to return it”? It could all be very easy and stress-free, with clear instructions and a package that can be reused and sent straight back! Or it could prove be a real hassle… the choice is yours!

———— Greener and greener

There is another trend strongly linked to the fashion sector for ecommerce: that of sustainability. All brands now place strong emphasis on the environment and adopt a variety of methods to reduce the impact of their activities on it. As a consequence they need to use sustainable materials for shipping. These are chiefly mono-materials, mainly of organic origin, produced according to sustainable criteria, and easily recyclable.

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