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“To Automate in a sustainable and innovative way, packaging and distribution systems.”


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    Sitma is a 4.0 Industry: innovation, quality excellence and best practices are the drivers of our manufacturing process and of our customer’s journey. We have a dynamic approach aimed to produce the best packaging machines: we listen to your needs, we share our knowledge and our ideas, we move forward to find together the intelligent and sustainable solutions.
    With our b2b packaging solutions, we guarantee an increase in productivity whilst respecting the environmental standards, creating value for you, for us and for the society as a whole. Finally, thanks to a know-how that embraces all-round skills, we are able to position ourselves as a single partner for the management of complex projects, working side by side from preliminary studies to post-sales.



    Sitma is able to support clients from the preliminary phases of analysis to the final installation of our line, being not only a supplier, but a partner.

    The company, in response to the increasingly competitive demands of the market, in fact operates not only to respond, but to anticipate market trends, so as to meet the expectations of the final consumer.

    The study of macro-changes that take place in consumer habits is in fact the basis of a customer-oriented service and customer support culture. The innovation of processes and technologies involves all the departments of the headquarters and branches, which are engaged in a continuous and constant growth process.


    Sitma follows a sustainable, ethical and responsible approach towards its clients, its employees and the environment itself.

    The company expresses a strong commitment in developing advanced technologies in new energy management. Energy conservation is a key factor in guaranteeing customers a significant reduction in consumption ( waste reduction), higher quality of products, and performance optimization.

    Sitma has already obtained the ISO 9001- 14001 and 50001 certifications and continues to invest large resources for the reduction of the "carbon foot print", aiming to become a completely "green" company in the coming years.


    Innovation, competence and curiosity are the drivers for an ever-growing process.

    Sitma supports and stimulates the activities of its research team, which operates both incrementally, to increase the efficiency of currently adopted technologies, and structural, in search of new technological breakthroughs, capable of revolutionizing the reference sectors.

    For this reason, the company invests heavily in training, continuously promoting refresher courses aimed at keeping its team constantly qualified. Sitma also actively collaborates with various university centers and research centers, in order to increase the value of its skills in a perspective of cooperation with the scientific world.

    ———— PASSION

    Passion is what ultimately motivates the people of Sitma. Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts.

    For this reason, the payoff “People Moving Ideas” was created: a phrase that supports both creativity and intelligence, something which is the driving force behind technological innovation.

    The development of an innovation-oriented mentality is also encouraged by the creation of an open and stimulating work environment, which acts as a background for a common growth process.