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Sustainability and paper solutions

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“Sustainability” and “environmentally friendly” are becoming essential subjects in our industry. Sitma fully supports this path. In many countries in Europe, governments are making new legislations to ban plastic or use taxes to push companies to search for alternatives. As a result, Sitma is getting a lot of inquiries from their customers to come up with solutions to change the wrap for their products: such as magazines, newspapers and marketing material to be distributed door-to-door.


Sitma’s long experience with all kind of packaging materials gave us an advantage. Many of our machines are designed to work with different kind of material and other machines can be made “ready for alternatives” with some minor adjustments. Problem solved you would think, but unfortunately this is not true. We all know that the cost impact of using alternative wraps is high and most of these alternatives have disadvantages for the logistical process. Therefore Sitma has carried several research projects together with customers and paper suppliers.

Sitma’s objective is to develop different kind of paper solutions without losing speed or production efficiency, with a reduced impact on costs and investments and to maintain the important specifications needed for logistical processes. Not every product needs to be fully wrapped in paper so alternatives as paper band, pouches and semi-wrapped are suitable. Every Sitma customers has its own needs, preference and challenges. Our strength is to work on custom-tailored solutions.


The UK and France are leading markets where sustainability is no longer a subject but have become common. Sitma is proud to be part of this achievement, supporting the customers to change to paper solutions for their business with concrete alternatives. At Sitma we started looking at a more sustainable future a long time ago. We researched on new packaging ideas, adjusted our portfolio to satisfy new communication needs, designed new machines or modules to be cost effective, and made field tests to control raw material wastage. Now that future is here, we can say to have a competitive advantage thanks to our forward-looking developments.

With the experience from the past, combined with our knowledge, passion and creativity of today, Sitma is ready to be Your Ideal Partner for Paper Solutions.

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