CORPORATE ————  12 May 2020

Organization and innovation for a concrete response to Coronavirus

Organization and innovation for a concrete response to Coronavirus - Photo 2


The restrictive measures imposed to date on Italians’ social lives will soon be eased. Like many other companies, Sitma has decided to adapt to this new reality by implementing every possible precaution -- and above all, devices and safety measures -- to safeguard individual health while coexisting together.


Since the beginning, Sitma has tried to manage the emergency in a rational and flexible way, focusing on protecting the health of our employees but without forgetting our commitments to our customers.

This approach has led us to establish a Crisis Committee, a task force whose members boast a wide breadth of skills, which meets every day to analyze the situation, discuss updates and make decisions for the coming days. Remote working was immediately granted to all departments that already had the capacity before the emergency, and was quickly extended to all departments whose activity would allow it.


Simply put, at Sitma we never stopped. Taking stock after the emergency has passed, what we will see will be an even more flexible and dynamic organization with work strategies that will help us guarantee additional safety during our everyday activity.

It’s no coincidence that Sitma, given its type of service and production, was immediately classified as part of an indispensable supply chains. Every day, our aim is to guarantee support and functionality for those who produce basic necessities, such as food, newspapers, magazines and more, and that manage their transport to homes, actively helping the community's efforts in the fight against Covid-19.


Sitma's commitment has always been not only to the customer, but also to our territory and its social context. For this reason, we have made available our innovative spirit and our skills to configure new packaging solutions, support new needs and fight the coronavirus outbreak together.

For example, protective masks have become crucial during this emergency. They are lacking in availability and yet necessity to our lives, both today and tomorrow, which has prompted many companies to convert their production. At Sitma, our packaging solutions have existed on the market for many years, and we can satisfy any customer needs related to packaging and distributing these products in a way that is quick, versatile and complete.

From the simplest manual solutions all the way to semi-automatic and fully automated systems for in-line installation, we are available to work with customers to find the best option and defeat this enemy together!

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