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The best e-commerce packaging? The one we’ll design together with you

The best e-commerce packaging? The one we’ll design together with you - Photo 2

In e-logistics, there is an ever increasing demand for the development of innovative packaging. The packaging of the future must not only protect the product in the most suitable way, but also adequately represent the values of the various brands. Packaging machines must therefore have a degree of flexibility that allows for the development of new shapes and types of packaging. No just preformed products, such as corrugated cardboard boxes, padded envelopes and bags, but also ad-hoc packaging that fully meets ever-changing packaging needs driven by the growth of ecommerce.

———— Why think of solutions developed for e-commerce?

Over the next five years, online sales will grow by 14.59% and on a global scale they will reach 61.55bn dollars in 2026*. This is one of the fastest-growing sectors and is, and will increasingly be, the most popular sales channel for a vast amount of manufacturing activities, from consumer goods to food, along with books, hi-tech and fashion. Growth will not only be in terms of numbers, it will also concern the technological side of things. The path in this direction has already been traced and, among other things, it includes ever increasing traceability for e-commerce packaging and an ever growing automation of logistics hubs used for the sorting and delivery stages.

———— The ideal packaging? Compact and with few empty spaces

It is often said that “form must follow function”. In the case of e-commerce, the packaging must follow the shape of the object in order to guarantee its integrity before everything else. This assumption must go hand in hand with one of the leading trends aimed at limiting the layout of packaging as much as possible, by also reducing the presence of empty spaces inside it. This way, the packaging’s volume is as compact as possible, which makes it easier to handle it both during shipping and delivery.

———— The importance of packaging customisation

Customisation has become a key concept in the e-commerce packaging sector, too. Packaging must not only be practical, but also provide a ‘user experience’ that is in line with the consumer’s desires. Customisation is not necessarily limited to the shape of packaging. At Sitma, for instance, we provide the option of using a series of alternative materials to create the packaging, including different types of paper, biofilm, along with traditional thermoplastic film. Lastly, it is possible to include flyers, vouchers, customised cards, etc. inside the packaging.

Sitma is the ideal partner to develop innovative custom packaging solutions for the e-commerce field. Indeed, we combine our 40 years of experience in the packaging machinery industry with an exclusive know-how in using innovative materials. This makes it easier to study and develop new types of sustainable packaging specifically designed for online sales.

Compact layouts: reducing the volume of packaging and empty spaces is key from two points of view: on the one hand, it means using less wrapping material and, on the other hand, it supports the energy efficiency of the supply chain. In turn, this reduces the carbon footprint deriving from storing and transporting packaging.

Custom packaging: we are able to fully customise packaging, starting from its volume, up to the material of the packaging and the overwrapping. With our solutions, you can customise e-commerce packaging based on what customers want and add flyers and brochures inside. This means that unboxing becomes an experience designed around the end user.

Sustainable materials: at Sitma we have been testing various packaging materials for years, in order to provide the right solution depending on needs. From plastic to paper, along with biofilm, we have the experience to provide the best solution.

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