EVENTS ————  19 March 2024

Sitma Presents Sustainable Packaging Automation Innovations at LogiMAT 2024

Sitma Presents Sustainable Packaging Automation Innovations at LogiMAT 2024 - Photo 1


Sitma, a leader in the sustainable packaging automation industry, is excited to announce its participation at LogiMAT 2024, the international trade fair for intralogistics solutions and packaging automation, taking place in Stuttgart on March 19-21. Building on the momentum from a successful showing at Modex (Atlanta, USA), Sitma is set to partner in Hall 5 Booth 5F61 with XPROMA, an integrator for automated intralogistics systems and dynamic automation projects, to bring their combined expertise in sustainable mailers to the forefront of the industry.

Visitors will have the opportunity to meet with Sitma’s experts and discuss the most important innovations in the field of on-demand sustainable packaging for mailers, including:   

———— e-Wrap: Redefining Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sitma’s e-Wrap system is the answer to the growing demand for environmentally responsible packaging. This advanced solution is capable of handling a variety of product sizes, providing custom-fit packaging. Sitma’s e-Wrap stands out as a highly efficient right-size packaging automation solution. Capable of packaging up to 900 packages per hour, it represents the ideal solution for a diverse range of products including apparel, books, electronic accessories, and personal care items. Uniquely designed to dynamically adjust in length, width, and thickness, e-Wrap ensures a perfect fit for each item, significantly reducing material usage and shipment cost.

———— FastPack and FastPack Plus: The Synthesis of Speed and Sustainability

Joining Sitma’s innovative suite is the FastPack system family, capable of supporting up to 3.600 packages per hour, as well as larger product sizes in its Plus version, setting a new benchmark for efficiency in packaging automation. FastPack integrates a wide array of features, including advanced print-on-demand capabilities. This allows for seamless insertion of documents such as invoices, return labels, and marketing materials directly into the packaging process. Additionally, FastPack offers the option for customized, print-on-demand package printing, enabling businesses to enhance brand visibility with logos and brand identification on their packages. This combination of high-speed packaging and customization options positions FastPack as a versatile solution for businesses looking to elevate their packaging operations.

Sitma’s packaging automation systems process 100% recyclable material, with the capability to utilize standard kraft paper as well as protective cushion paper. Sitma’s technology facilitates a seamless transition towards more sustainable packaging practices, improving efficiency and customer experience.
LogiMAT presents a unique opportunity for us to connect, discuss your specific needs, and showcase how our innovations are leading the way towards a greener, more efficient future in packaging. We invite you to join us at Hall 5, 5F61.

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