EVENTS ————  30 April 2024

Sitma, a Tecnau Company, Showcases On-Demand Sustainable Packaging Solutions at drupa 2024

Sitma, a Tecnau Company, Showcases On-Demand Sustainable Packaging Solutions at drupa 2024 - Photo 2


Sitma, an established provider of packaging solutions specifically designed for the printing industry, is excited to announce its participation in drupa 2024. The company is a pioneer and global leader in sustainable mailer automation. Sitma is set to demonstrate its innovative capabilities within the Tecnau booth (Hall 8A, B41), highlighting the synergy between Sitma’s packaging automation expertise and Tecnau’s automation expertise in digital print finishing.

———— Innovative Packaging for a Sustainable Future

At the forefront of Sitma’s exhibition is the Sitma e-Wrap, an advanced, eco-friendly packaging solution that exemplifies the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. The modular and flexible e-Wrap is a tailored packaging systemfor single and multiple product formats, accommodating various sizes with right-to-size mailers. At drupa, Sitma will showcase the packaging of single and multiple orders of books, ready for shipment. This groundbreaking technology ensures that each package, irrespective of its dimensions, is wrapped in curbside-recyclable paper incorporating padded protection. Sitma e-Wrap is fully automated with print and apply features for invoices and return labels, label application, and the integration of Sitma’s own packaging execution software.

———— Bridging the Gap with On-Demand Packaging

Sitma’s participation in drupa 2024 highlights the printing and packaging industry’s’ journey towards more sustainable practices. By integrating on-demand and pack-to-size capabilities with curbside recyclable materials, Sitma enables clients to significantly reduce waste, increase true recycling and enhance throughput, aligning with global sustainability goals. The ability of Sitma e-Wrap as well as the higher-volume Sitma Fast Pack Plus to adjust dynamically to varying package sizes exemplifies Sitma’s innovative approach to addressing the industry’s evolving needs.

———— Comprehensive Solutions for the Printing Industry

Beyond the Sitma e-Wrap and Fast Pack Plus mailer automation platform, Sitma will present its extensive portfolio, which includes state-of-the-art solutions for collecting, inserting, and wrapping. These technologies are designed to streamline the production process, from the initial print to the final packaged product, ensuring a seamless workflow that maximizes productivity.

———— A Partnership that Empowers Innovation

Sitma’s complimentary solution fit with Tecnau at drupa 2024 reinforces the shared vision of a broad product portfolio driving innovation and sustainability in the printing and packaging sectors, evolving towards short run, variable and personalized products all with high speed and throughput.

———— Join Us at drupa 2024

We invite industry professionals, partners, and media to join us at the Tecnau booth during drupa 2024 to explore Sitma’s and Tecnau’s innovative solutions.

For more information about Sitma’s participation in drupa 2024 and to schedule a meeting, please contact us.

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