CASE HISTORY ————  15 May 2020

Protective face masks packaging

Protective face masks packaging - Photo 2


Supporting the local community through fully recyclable paper packaging is a profound source of pride of Sitma, by lending the force of its workforce, skills and machinery to package the first batch of 12,000 PPE face masks for the Municipality of Castelvetro.
A gesture that resonates even more as Sitma is the first company to wrap PPE masks with paper. The packaging is made in collaboration with Sitma’s partner, the Finnish company UPM Specialty Papers, worldwide leader in its field. Sitma is working closely with UPM in various R&D projects.

———— Operate globally without forgetting your roots

Sitma wants to support the fight against Covid-19 in a concrete and sustainable way, in compliance with current rules and regulations, in order to protect the health of the world’s workforce. Amongst existing projects is the paper packaging of the first batch of 12,000 face masks for the Municipality of Castelvetro, to be delivered in the coming days and all free of charge. «It is a project of a great symbolic value - says Fabrizio Della Casa, General Manager of Sitma - that I am sure Aris Ballestrazzi would have been particularly proud of. Ours is a company with a strong international vocation, so that the majority of our business takes place abroad, at the same time, however, Sitma has always maintained a close relationship with its roots and local territory. In a period like this, it seems logical to put ourselves at the disposal of the local community, showing concrete support».

———— Face the emergency thinking about the environment

The company isn’t only worried about the current health emergency, but also of the environmental one. Today, masks are a primary necessity in the global context and their mass distribution, combined with the collapse in the price of oil and the relative cost of the plastic products derived from it, can lead to a real environmental risk, generating the poor disposal of billions of units. «Sitma has for years embraced the path of sustainability, investing heavily in the creation of cutting-edge solutions with a low environmental impact. For example, we were among the first to develop packaging systems that use paper instead of plastic. It therefore seemed logical to apply this principle to this project. Products wrapped individually with paper, such as our masks, can in fact be fully recycled, including the paper label on the packaging».

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