CORPORATE ————  24 July 2019

Paper, the solution to wrap up our future

Paper, the solution to wrap up our future - Photo 2


Paper is not the only solution that can be adopted to have an eco-friendly approach. Anyway, after having evaluated and compared the materials currently available for the wrapping of Direct Mailing and Post Press products, Sitma identified in the paper the material with highest potentiality.

———— WHY?

• Science and technology behind paper production have a centenary history, such as the comprehension of the productive strategies
• Paper production has a low environmental impact
• Paper has high level of recyclability
• Paper comes from natural and renewable sources

Basically, the main benefits coming from the combination Sitma & Paper:


Our technologies allow to wrap products of different sizes on the same machine, without requiring any additional module or separate lines, maintaining same operating standard, both from a speed standpoint, costing and product quality.


Our solution has been engineered to be retrofit compatible, in order to be installed on existing packaging machines running with paper or bio film. Our software platform can also be integrated with the customer’s ERP, by avoiding costs for the purchase of a completely brand new solution.


Our solutions are compliant with new rules and improvements aiming at the CO2 neutralization of the industrial processes.

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