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Packaging for e-commerce: Sitma’s unique offer

Packaging for e-commerce: Sitma’s unique offer - Photo 2


Sitma has always operated in response to market trends and has been a forerunner in developing applications for the e-commerce sector to offer its customers both sorting and packaging systems. Machines such as the "e-Wrap 2.0" were designed for top performance while being capable of using new and innovative materials, including paper and biofilm, for a packaging characterized by sustainability.

———— E-commerce, a step forward for a sector already at the top

The Coronavirus epidemic has significantly accelerated the expansion of the e-commerce sector. According to data published by Forbes at the end of April, the North American market alone enjoys an annual growth rate of almost 130%, with acceleration in the early months of 2020 related to the pandemic. The sector’s expansion does not only involve the field of logistics and transport; the connected world of packaging is also experiencing growth and change, with forms and features that are increasingly defined according to e-commerce. This imposes new challenges on logistics hubs and on the entire supply chain, primarily that of having systems capable of packaging, sorting and managing an ever-increasing number of packages of different shapes and sizes, guaranteeing their traceability.

———— A complete offer for multiple sectors

Sitma boasts long-term experience in both the packaging and logistics sectors: the combination of this know-how has led it to develop a portfolio of applications specifically dedicated to e-commerce. The company's solutions are highlighted above all for flexibility, being able to work at different speeds and accommodate packages of different sizes and thicknesses. The company’s offering is vast and includes both stand-alone and complete automatic feeding solutions for perfect in-line integration. Machines such as the Quick Pack, Fast Pack, Thick Pack and the aforementioned e-Wrap have received unanimous praise in e-commerce supply chains, satisfying the needs of logistics operators, e-fulfillment centers and e-tailers, and being embraced by sectors such as such as clothing, consumer electronics, books and personal care products.

———— Sustainable and tailor-made solutions

There are many advantages to trusting in a Sitma solution. First, the company's machines are particularly appreciated for their incredible reliability developed during more than 50 years of experience in the field. In addition, the machines are built in the name of sustainability, allowing use of innovative and low-impact materials, such as paper or biofilm, instead of traditional packaging films. Another advantage is that Sitma machines create tailor-made and compact packages in order to limit not only material waste for packaging but also reduce package “emptiness,” facilitating transport during the downstream supply chain phases with a significant reduction of the carbon footprint. Thanks to the process offered by Sitma, it is in fact possible to manage the variable geometry of the packages and measure the dimensions of the product/s that make up an order, to create an ad hoc package.

———— Track-and-trace for e-commerce and digital transformation

A further added value is the possibility to implement complex data management systems on the line, thanks to the adoption of advanced track-and-trace technologies. The digital transformation that is changing all over the world has also borne fruit in Sitma. In the specific case of packaging, Sitma has implemented a system that allows users to trace information relating to the management of an e-commerce order along the entire distribution chain, ensuring its uniqueness and interconnection. During the preliminary phases, data relating to the product are collected, then later analyzed, associated and further enriched. The product, defined as contents plus packaging, is associated with a unique ID that is then traced throughout the process. The technologies implemented by Sitma are engineered to integrate perfectly with the WCS and customer database, enriching the information already present and with the option to carry out a further data check. All of this allows high levels of efficiency and minimizes the possibility of errors, rejections and rework. This offer complies perfectly with Industry 4.0, which does not stop at the packaging phase. The proposal for the end of the line is in fact also rich and characterized by a high level of automation, which includes integration with weighing and labeling systems.

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