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Managed by the 3PL C-Logistics provider, the Cdiscount warehouse in Réau, France combines “efficiency and ESG impacts through innovation”

Managed by the 3PL C-Logistics provider, the Cdiscount warehouse in Réau, France combines “efficiency and ESG impacts through innovation” - Photo 2

© Matthew Perget | Small items moving along Sitma’s automated Fast Pack line are getting ready to be packaged with kraft paper.


The French e-commerce company Cdiscount operates a warehouse in Réau, in Seine-et-Marne, since September 2017. The site is operated by its logistics 3PL subsidiary C-Logistics, which condenses multiple facilities into 60,000 m², allowing the automation of numerous processes and the optimization of product packaging. The French magazine Voxlog visited the site and reports the following:

“We are constantly seeking to improve both efficiency and CSR aspects through innovation”, introduces Stéphane Limpalaër, director of the Cdiscount logistics site in Réau, ahead of a presentation of the different solutions installed in its warehouse, organized on October 3, 2023. The company’s target is that that its online sales contribute to improve the working conditions of its employees while reducing the environmental impacts, in a context of continued growth”.

“The site is operated by C-Logistics – a subsidiary of Cdiscount, created in 2019 and in charge, as its name suggests, of logistics activities. The 60,000 m² site is dedicated to small goods, or "0-15", that is to say products that can be handled by hand and do not exceed 15 kilos in weight equivalent for a carrier”, specifies Stéphane Limpalaër.

———— Automated Packaging Lines

After being transported by Skypods and placed on a conveyor, the goods then reach the packaging and shipping cells. Even if some orders still require manual packaging, C-Logistics is investing massively in automated packaging lines.

Installed since the creation of the warehouse in 2017, CVP-500s from Neopost Shipping (Quadient) create boxes in 3 dimensions. “Very efficient, these machines remove the void from the boxes while facilitating their wedging during transport and ensuring that the goods arrive completely intact to the end customer”, explains Stéphane Limpalaër. Not far from them, a new line provided by the Italian equipment manufacturer Sitma, the “Fast pack”, is responsible for packaging small products in kraft envelopes. Via a system of paper reels unrolling and surrounding the items moving through a tunnel, it successively forms packages of varying sizes, cut to size, closed and labeled without the slightest human intervention. Combined with this optimization of packaging, the use of kraft paper, much lighter than conventional cardboard , considerably reduces the proportion of raw material used. “In addition to the ESG aspect and productivity, all of the investments we are making today also aim to improve working conditions and the ergonomics of workstations, with globally relevant solutions,” concludes the director of the logistics site.

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