• Production capacity: up to 14,000 products/hour in the tilt tray configuration and up to 20,000 in the cross-belt configuration

  • Configurable in both tilt tray and cross-belt technologies

  • Sorting system ideal for handling regular and irregular packages and products of multiple shapes and sizes

  • Smart induction: possibility of combining multiple streams of products arriving at the sorter

  • Thanks to its modular concept it allows easy configuration, even in the case of complex and elaborate layouts

  • Possible configuration with straight, curved or modules suitable for managing the ascent and descent, protecting the packages from the risk of falling and damage, even at high speeds.

  • Can support multi-level and multi-directional configurations, to respond to a constantly increasing production capacity need

  • High load capacity: with the tilt tray configuration you can reach up to 15 kg per tray, while in the cross-belt configuration, where the product can also rest on multiple belts, up to 30 k

  • Parcel Size: tilt tray up to 500 x 400 mm cross belt up to 900 x 600 mm

  • Transportation cells lightened and plates motorized, equipped with magnets and interconnected via wi-fi with the PLC, to communicate their positioning in real time

  • Reduction of noise (lower than 70 decibel) thanks to the use of electromagnetic traction systems, gears free

  • Minimal maintenance thanks to simple design and robust construction

  • Extremely flexible solution that allows customized configurations

  • Possibility of combining several modules to increase the number of outputs

  • Automatic loading conveyor, product code reading and tracking system

  • Custom software configurations based on specific customer’s needs

  • Ideal for managing shipments and returns


Symphony sort


A combined Tilt-Tray and Cross-Belt automated sorting machines ideal for sorting, distribution, shipping of packages and management of returns for e-commerce for the manufacturing, retail and fulfillment sectors.


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